Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thailand Photos


Sing our guide and instructor taking us to climb.


Look close! Try and find a Swiss Japanese kid!

In the cave.

Nice flash dork! It looks like I'm photoshopped. And what's with the pose? You can see the rain about to hit us though.

Ahhhh, much better....

Tide coming in, save the ropes!

Oliver and Sing on a ledge

Sing's lookout

Tide again. Time to move.

Holy clam shell!!!

Giant Spider in the lagoon.

lagoon climb

A 40 minute trail to the lagoon with fun climbs more like steep hiking. It got slick sometimes and the ropes on the trail looked like ancient death traps! Muuhuhuhahaha! Don't worry, this was the steepest part.

One of the gnarly stray dogs, click on the picture and Check out those scars!

Flying wish lanterns love it....
(Little mean people, I shit you not.)

hmmmm.....where the hell are we........?

Oh Thailand!!!....he...he...he

Our adventure friends Lek, Ood, and Nood. Some of the kindest coolest people ever!

Best friends!

One for the Brothers.

Lek took us squid fishing on the longboats!

we used the empty bottles from our drinks .....

to make fishing poles wrapped by Su-lin........

And caught lots of squid

Ink head Oliver

our days catch.

Horton in stores?! but it just came out last Friday! Dang!

Artists copying any picture you want into a full size oil painting.